Friday, 2 May 2008

What am i looking for in my life?

I keep thinking this few days, what am i looking for in my life?
I am already 30s this year, and i am still looking for my direction in life.
Yesterday i had lunch with some one very close to me. She spend some time sharing a lot of life experiences with me. She made me realised a lot. Thanks SanSen
I am spending 7 days a week now in lecturing and giving home tuition. I am not too sure is this what i want in my life. Am i going to do this for the rest of my life? But at least at this particular moment of time, i can earn a living and keep surviving.
I am trying to make myself contented. I am going to gym almost everyday for some work out too. And i hope to keep my mind as fresh as possible. Just don think about the past and just look forward, and looking forward for the better future.
I have a dream. I always wish that i can run my own businesses. If i have ever given an opportunity, i wish i cna run a small tuition center, namely E&E Tuition Center, and runninng a small cafe at the same time, namely Magic Moment...... It is always in my dream and i am working very hard towards it.
Today i went for a dinner at Jogoya with a close friend. He is some one who really spending a lot of time with me lately and had help me alot gone through the down turn in my life. Thanks a lot my dear friend.
I would like to take this opportunity to thanks my dear brother in singapore for being worried about me all this while. Sorry if i ever made u disappointed. I am moving on well now and i will be a better person in the near future. Thanks so much. I agree with you, life is about how you going to colour it. and how you want it to be. I will make it as colourful and as wonderful as possible.


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way my friend no matter how old you are we are all searching for that life long question to what am I looking for? I even googled it. I thought that maybe I would have some inspiration from others and it would just come to me. And in reading what you have wrote, it's not that I'm looking for inspiration but more of a push, because no matter what happens whether you are alone for the rest of your life or you lose the one you thought you'd spend the rest of your life with. you only have you, and you are the one that has that want to go on and be better. and I know this may sound rediculous but you'll only put up with whatever you are willing to. When you say enough is enough, it will be and that's when life begins. I don't know if that's an answer but I think that is mine hopefully it will inspire you. Today might not feel like your questions and goals are answered but in time as you persue them they will be.

Anonymous said...

I am almost 36 and a female. Over the years I had the feeling that this isnt the life I want, I am living someone else's life and I am missing something in life. And without that something there is no totality for my life. I had been thinking - what is it? what is it? And now I know what it is - the guy whom I can love and who loves me forever. And I am also sure that I will never find him. I have had brief relations with a couple of people thinking that they are "him", but then as usual, ended up with a big NO.

And now I realized and understood the fact I am never gonna find him this lifetime for sure. Somehow I accepted that fact also, but still my brain doesnt stop searching, unconsciously it searches, though I try to refrain it from searching, though I have come to practical terms with life, still it continues it's search!

It's become a battle everyday with my conscious brain talking practicality and unconscious brain searching...

I hope and pray I get some peace before I die.

Life is Beautiful said...

Hi Anonymous,
thanks for the great comments.
Indeed that we called the journey of life. i wish u good luck and all the best! wish the u will find the right one for u, and hope that everything will be great for u.
there will be different chapter in life that we need to read it one by one. Some of the chapter might be mysterious, some might be adventerous, some might just very boring, but is this part and parcel in life that make our life wonderful! cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just googled this 'what am I looking for', and guess what - I found it!

Other people thinking the same thing. I'm 34 this year, and a female, so it seems wierd reading the other comments from 30ish women, and it feeling strangely recogniseable.

I often wonder about alternative life paths, and whether I made the right choices - what to do if I haven't!

Very glad to have read all the posts!

What is life? And why should we care? Well to begin with, we are living beings, and that fact distinguishes us from most things in the Universe. Though humans are not the only living things, we are among the few, so understanding the nature of life might be an important step toward understanding ourselves.